Absinthe Scented Cone Incense

Absinthe Scented Natural Cone Incense

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  • Fragrance: Absinthe
    Amount(s): 5 cones, 10 cones, 20 cones, 30 cones

    The Absinthe incense resembles the smell of the Absinthe alcoholic beverage, which has a sweet licorice fragrance.

    Want to freshen up your space without the worry of flames or spilling wax? Then incense is right for you!

    Simply light the tip of a cone, blow out the flame, and you now have a way to freshen up your area with scented smoke that will last for hours!

    NOTE: Please allow two days of processing after ordering as cones need to soak in fragrance oil for 24 hours and air dry for another 24 hours in order to be best effective before shipping.