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Baked Potato Scented Handmade Votive Candle

Baked Potato Scented Votive Candle

SKU: sku_59dda6eed116b_1507698414
  • Fragrance: Baked Potato
    Size: Votive (2 ounces)

    The Baked Potato votive resembles the smell of a freshly cooked Baked Potato, with notes of potato, sour cream, green onion, butter, and cheese. This fragrance does not contain actual food particles.

    This listing is for ONE votive candle; please choose from the drop-down menu to choose more. The candle is made with paraffin wax. Candle fragrance will be handwritten on label.

    These little candles shine bright in any room, all the while adding a hint of fragrance to the air!

    Each candle weighs 2 ounces and comes safely wrapped in decorative tissue paper wrapped in bubble wrap. Ready for a safe travel to your mailbox!

    NOTE: Do not light candle unless it is in a heat-safe container.

    Need more candles? Feel free to contact the shop to order a bulk order!
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