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Weird and Radical at Heart




Hello, I am Amelia R. Thompson, and I will be your storyteller today:

Once upon a time in 2010, I went to a birthday party on a very cold night. After that night, I was sick in bed! Stuck at home, I decided to watch some online videos on how to create new crafts.

Ever since, I have been making soap bars and candles with weird and wacky fragrances. Why weird fragrances like "Garlic" or "Gas Station"? I simply love the smell of those fragrances and I wanted to share my love for them with others.

Why the name "Radical Works"? When I think of 'Radical', I think of the weird and extreme things in life, which is what my products embody. It's unusual to have a Corn Chips candle or a Gunpowder scented soap bar, but isn't a joy to know that those things exist?

As for Ezra, he is my lovable assistant with all the rainbows and bubbles you can imagine! Octopi are very intelligent, and Ezra is no exception. He has joined me with not only soap & candles, but also my knitting.

Thank you so much for reading my story, I hope you find the weird in the simple things.

Amelia R. Thompson
Ezra the octopus
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