Once upon a time, and still continuing...




In 2009, there was a birthday gift from an artist. In this box of mystery, a young woman opened it up to reveal a crazy furry hat. With a mix of colours and textures, the woman enlisted the artist to sell the work at an upcoming anime convention. At the convention, not only did the artist realize what an anime convention was, but also that people actually wanted to buy the work that was put forth.


And thus, the artist set out to take over the world, one insane day at a time. That artist was Amelia R. Thompson. Starting off with Radical Bears (her own version of teddy bears), scarves, and hats, Radical Works has expanded to bath products and many other things Amelia can get her hands on.


But this world of endless amusement would be boring if there was no one to share it with.


With the support of fans and friends alike, Radical Works can share the world of endless amusement with countless people. Unless those countless people are zombies, in which case, world domination is going to be a little more difficult.