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Motor Oil Scented Natural Wax Melts made with soy wax.

Motor Oil Scented Natural Wax Melts

SKU: sku_593a44734e74f_1496990835
  • Fragrance: Motor Oil
    Size of tart: 6 ounces = 6 cubes
    Sample Size: 1/2 ounce wax tart

    Do you want to fragrance your home without dealing with a flame? Have you tried burning incense and the smoke smell was more than the actual fragrance?

    Look no further than a Radical Works soy wax tart melt! Break off a cube or two of these melts, melt them down in a proper burner, and enjoy a freshly fragranced home!

    Soy wax is the best option for wax melts. Why? Because soy does not release chemicals into the air when it is being melted (unlike paraffin wax). The melting process is much cleaner, AND the fragrance lasts longer as well as the melt itself!

    Note: Sample size will be made with paraffin wax. Melt fragrance will be handwritten on label.

    - Take melts out of container and break off one cube (the more cubes, the stronger the scent).
    - Place into a proper wax burner (can be found where candles are sold) and enjoy.
    - After awhile, you will melt the wax and not smell much fragrance. Simply add another cube to the burner to refresh it.
    - If changing melts of different fragrances from your burner, wait until the wax is fully melted, then pour into mold/container alongside the unburned melts. Quickly take a paper towel or napkin and wipe off the remaining wax in the burner. The melted wax in the mold will cool down and harden back to a cube; ready for future usage.
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